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The following services are available coast to coast and in selected international destinations:

  • Live Event Production
  • LED Fabric

    Yes!! We are the distributors of LED Fabric throughout the United States and our product is unique and can be completely customized for your needs. The core of our product is a special UV resistant fabric, designed to withstand atrocious weather, extended sunlight. Small silicone bubbles containing the LED's are imbedded into the fabric during manufacture. The fabric can be sewn into any shape, and will display any visual combination you wish to create, and the end result is a visual statement of the emerging technology that will allow you to put a screen up anywhere you choose.... inside or outside! Our Fabric is also water resistant. Please call us 24-7 for a live demo.


    1. Ultra thin of 20mm depth,:200mm less than that of traditional Led Display's
    2. Super lightweight of 20kg/m2:40kg less than that of traditional Led Display's
    3. Softness: can be rolled in the packaging for storage and put it up as a curtain for operation, and be customized into any shape according to the construction environment.
    4. Totally water resistant, anti-UV, anti-attenuation and resistant against temperature (- 40 -250 °) there is no need any heat dispersion like fans, air conditioning etc.
    5. Easy installation: no need for assembly with screws etc like a traditional LED Display, and maintenance be available for single LED ‘s and LED strip's.
    6. Exclusive image technology: applicable for exquisite visual effects almost same as traditional LED Display with patented certification.


    1. Advertisement LED Display: Applicable for both indoor and outdoor; totally water-resistant, dust-proof, anti-ultraviolet, aging resistant, and endure high and low temperatures, Easy to install, and can be hung up as a curtain, it not necessary to damage wall structure, saving 90% installation cost.
    2. Stage background Led display: ultra thin and lightweight for installation cost and materials
    3. Rental Led display: ultra thin and lightweight for convenient installation and transportation
    4. Vehicle led display: easy to be lifted, and rotated without a hydraulic pressure system or mechanical system due to its light weight design and is ultra-thin.
    5. Fountain or waterscape decoration : be operated in the water with IP 68 grade
    6. Application specific for Irregular LED Display's: Can be customized at any request due to its softness and flexibility.

  • Meeting Planning
  • Trade Show Services
  • Product Launches
  • Red Carpet Events
  • Film and Video Production